We are Here to Help You and Your Family through the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid -19 virus has presented challenges to our health and daily routines. As we face this global crisis we are confident that we will meet it with courage, creativity and compassion. As we have learned through the medical researchers, social distancing when done collectively is our best way to defeat this virus. It is with this responsibility to protect everyone’s health against Covid-19 that we are providing Telehealth services as the most secure and effective way to provide treatment to our clients and their families. We are continuing to stay open determined to provide uninterrupted care to our existing clients as well as taking new clients. Our goal as always is to provide you with the care and support you need. Your privacy and comfort continue to be a priority for us. Our team of therapists are using a HIPPA compliant platform to provide you with security and confidence that your information stays private. Despite the physical distance between us, we will weather this pandemic together and come out more resilient on the other side.