Provider Blog: What is a (Neuro) Psychological Evaluation?

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What is a (Neuro) psychological evaluation?

Assessment is useful in understanding an individual’s cognitive, academic, and social/emotional profile. Comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses can often yield important recommendations around clinical intervention and education planning.

What information will an evaluation provide?

An evaluation is completed by administering a variety of assessment measures designed to provide information about the following:

Cognitive/Intellectual Functioning
Academic Achievement
Learning & Memory
Attention/Executive Functioning
Social/Emotional Well-Being

 The individual’s performance across these measures of compared to age or grade-expectations. The pattern of findings is then used to inform diagnostic formulations and recommendations.

What are the next steps?

Depending on the presenting concerns, your clinician may recommend an evaluation that is either more limited or more comprehensive in scope. When participating in the assessment (or “testing”), children and adolescents work in a structured, highly supportive, one-on-one setting with the clinician. Testing sessions are typically completed in three-hour segments in order to reduce fatigue and emotional stress. We recommend that testing be completed early in the day to ensure that results are a valid snapshot of your child’s functioning.

 In addition to objective test measures, input from parents and teachers is gathered to obtain information about the child’s learning and behavior across various settings. This input is received either through interviews/consultations or more structured questionnaires and rating forms.

How is feedback presented?

After all information is compiled, your clinician will meet with you to discuss findings and provide recommendations. The evaluation will be summarized in a user-friendly report that is yours to share with other health providers and educators. This report is often essential in guiding the next steps (e.g., clinical intervention, special education services, accommodations).

It is our goal to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the individual’s profile and make appropriate recommendations that will foster confidence and success!

-Anne Marie Seidel, PsyD

Pediatric Neuropsychologist